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High Resolution Korra

For the few of you that don't have Tumblr, here is the Korra image in glorious 2700 x 1519 resolution: go here and then click the picture!

♥ sdflkjasdflkjdfsaljkfadsjlkfdsa WHY ISN'T IT 2011 ALREADY!? :(


(2) Where she encounters CRIME (it says this in the announcement!).
(3) With a bonus ANTI-MUTANT FACTION.
(4) She has a stylin FASHION SENSE, okay? Irrelevant to superheroes but still
(5) I mean look at the photo! LOOK at it (for the twelve thousandth time today). SHE IS PERCHED PRECARIOUSLY BUT CONFIDENTLY ATOP A RAFTER, BROODING OVER HER CITY.

Korra. Is. A. Superhero.

EDIT: lol at the "Manhattan" mention in this interview.

P.S. Who's willing to bet on the fact that someone is RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE preparing a Korra cosplay for Comic Con?!
I confess. I got lazy really quickly. I didn't write down any more comments that Jen and Drew made during Avatar.

Our watching has also been extremely sporadic. Some weeks we haven't watched it at ALL. Or today, we got to watch SEVEN episodes!

1.04 - 2.12Collapse )

Oh, kiddos. ♥

Dragon Age

Spoilers through... partway through the game. I have no idea how much is left. Probably a lot left.

DAOCollapse )

Also, I dreamed last night that Hardison, Sokka & older!Aang, and Alistair were hanging out and talking about my amazing weather powers... oh wait did I just type that out loud?
We all know that everybody seems to tell everybody how to enjoy their movies/books/games/competitive disco crochet. One of the most annoying manifestations of this phenomenon takes place inside of that behemoth of a MMORPG, WoW! What people always seem to miss is that it's (1) a game, and that (2) people enjoy their games in completely different ways!

For instance, I have a pretty unorthodox approach to my WoW gaming. THIS IS PRETTY RAMBLING, BUT HERE GOES:

tl;drCollapse )

What's YOUR game?

I has a Tumblr!

So, I saw Rawles' and Memlu's tumblrs, and LET ME TELL YOU. ENDLESS EYEHEARTS.

I said to myself, "I want one! This is the kind of thing that is PERFECT for me, what with my penchant for looking at tons of cool pictures." So I got one.

I think I'll be a lot more consistent about updating it than LJ. I'll still use LJ for more texty things, though! For instance, I might be posting this week about Shaolin Soccer! We shall see...

I have no more updates on showing Jen & Drew Avatar, because we haven't had the chance to continue (SAD). But Jen told me excitedly the other day, "We played Avatar at home! But instead of 4 powers we had a  


lulz, IRL eyehearts, etc.

Avatar Through the Eyes of a 7 Year Old

"Haha, Jen, are you airbending??"

My 7-year old niece was twirling around the basement like a maniac.

"No, I'm firebending," she exulted, her face beaming with pure joy. "Pew pew pew pew!"

1.01 - 1.03Collapse )

Hopefully, we'll be able to continue all the way to the end, and I'll be able to continue journaling Jen & Drew's reactions to the episodes!

Why You Should Totally Watch Leverage

Season 2 of Leverage starts tonight!

But I totally recommend catching up on season 1 first, of course!


I have giant meta already written up about Spectacular Spider-Man, and I want to post it, but I'm in need of screencaps of season 2. Can anyone help?


Spectacular Spider-Man 2.01 - 2.05

(Avatar fans, I haven't forgotten about you. In fact, I talk about the Avatar finale for like an entire paragraph in here!)

So, if you didn't know, Canada got season 2 of Spectacular Spider-Man before we did. (Deja vu, Avatar fans?) Sony took its darn tootin' time in getting the episodes off to another network, but they'll finally land on the new, rebooted Toon Disney (irony, since the show-runner is the creator of Gargoyles). In the meantime, though, they're airing in Canada first.

If you haven't seen the new episodes yet, well, try a torrent or use the /rs/ search engine for the Megaupload links.

So needless to say, this post contains SPOILERS behind the cut, for episodes not yet aired in the US.

SpectacularCollapse )

Quick note.

I dunno if anyone reads this anymore, but... in case you haven't forgotten I'm on your flist, haha, I wanted to let you know that I've been gone for so long because my health struggles have just been getting mostly worse. Thankfully, at the moment, I'm feeling... well, exhausted, not the greatest right now, but I actually feel like getting on LJ again and doing more than just checking a couple people's journals and then that's it. So that's a plus, you know? (I've not really been talking to anyone on AIM either,  but feel free to drop me a line!) I doubt I will actually do anything on LJ right now other than post this entry and leave it at that. But I will post an entry tomorrow. I promise!

How's everyone been doing?? What's up with you, flist?

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